Omega 3 Study

Researching Omega 3

KGK Clinical Trial Centers is measuring the outcomes of a natural health product in adults with low Omega 3 levels examining both its bioavailability and the changes in two key components of Omega 3 fatty acids: DHA & EPA. 

Omega-6 and Omega-3 are essential fatty acids that are obtained from your diet and are linked to a host of health-promoting effects, including anti-inflammatory properties, immune function and cardiovascular health.

KGK is researching Fastomega®, a liquid nutritional supplement containing a high dose of omega-3 fatty acids, in a non-pill form, to examine the potential change in Omega 3 concentration in the blood.

All participants who enroll will receive the study product (no placebo) and will be assessed for potential benefits to their Omega 3 Index.  

We Are Seeking Participants Who Are:

• Men & Women, Ages 20 to 45

• Who Are Not Vegetarian or Vegan

• Seeking to Improve their Omega 3 Profile Without Taking Large Pills 

• Are Not Regularly Consuming Omega 3/6 Rich Foods Including Supplements

• Available for 9 short visits over 28 days

Qualified participants will receive up to $600 for their participation in this study

All participants are monitored by Medical Physicians and services are provided at no cost to participants.

Living outside of London? KGK has a travel reimbursement program - message us for details.

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