Digestive Health Multistrain Probiotic

KGK Clinical Trial Center is presently recruiting for a clinical research study focused on investigating a multi-strain probiotic blend in healthy adults.

Our research is studying the effectiveness of an exploratory mixture of probiotic strains on digestive health.

Researching Optimal Digestive Health

Probiotics are micro-organisms, naturally occurring in the body, that in prior studies have demonstrated benefits towards essential functions of the body by promoting a diverse microbiome in the gut.

We Are Seeking Participants Who Are:

  • Men & Women, Ages 18 to 64
  • * BMI of 18.5 – 29.9 kg/m²
  • Interested in Probiotics & Seeking to Advance Digestive Health
  • Available for 4 clinic visits over 3 months
  • Compensation of $600 upon study completion

* Don't know your BMI? Contact us and we will do the calculation!

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